You Deserve To Break Free From Burnout 

There are 5 unconscious stress behaviors aka "Work-Life Balance Killers", impacting 90% of professional women. Which one is impacting you?


My driven, ambitious, and high-octane women!

We are divinely fierce creatures full of power and passion. But for years, we’ve been caught up in the Success Paradox where our ambitions have resulted in better schools, better cars, and higher salaries but have sacrificed being present with the people we love most, our health, our dreams, and our pride. 

However, our inner Queen yearns for more – to truly define LeadershipPurpose, and Freedom. We no longer have to neglect who we truly are as women, mothers, lovers, sisters, and daughters for the sake of success; nor do we need walk this journey of rediscovery alone. Its our time to rise and step into our power, to revolutionize and redefine a Queen’s Success

Live With Unapologetic Passion

Tap into your feminine power to bring a softer touch in balancing a high-octane career with demanding family lifestyle.

Lead With Your Authentic Voice

Stand out in a male-dominated workplace WITHOUT your career controlling your personal life. 

Love Your Most Epic Life

Escape the busyness trap to become an Unstoppable Rockstar at work AND at home.




I help professional women break through Burnout and Overwhelm (and get “unstuck”) so they can find the work-life balance they deserve.


Its no secret that we professional women have a ton of “balls” to juggle, making us busier than ever. Driven and ambitious, we high performers dive into each day, full-throttle, into our journey to “Have It All”. Sometimes we run so hard that we burn ourselves out before we reach our goals. Having little time for ourselves, it is no wonder that we fall prey to the Epidemic of the 21st Century: BURNOUT.

The Burnout Epidemic

Women  are leaving their corporate jobs at an alarming rate – 17% of women are  leaving their jobs mid-career, 24% of women are leaving the C-Suite (3x faster than their male colleagues) and 50% of women are leaving the tech industry.  They have stated that burnout, harassment, lack of well-deserved opportunities, and feeling unfulfilled are the leading  reasons.

For  many women, work-life balance is simply a myth created for social media posts and memes.  However, we professional women CAN have it all once we learn how to break free from burnout.  Once we conquer burnout, we can find a  peaceful balance between work and home, be amazing and present mothers, and empower ourselves to become the confident and authentic leaders we always knew we could be.

How It Works

Why do some women seem to handle the pressures of life effortlessly while others are burned out from juggling daily responsibilities?

There are 5 unconscious stress behaviors (work-life balance killers) impacting 90% of professional women. Knowing YOUR "Work-Life Balance Killer" is the first step to breaking free from burnout and creating the work-life balance that you deserve.



First you will get CRYSTAL clear on what it is that you want to create in your life. Once you know what you are building towards, you and Ganelle can break it down into daily, weekly, and monthly action steps that will actually get you there.

You will also get clear on any blockers to your success and understand what’s truly holding you back.



Once you have clarity on what you want, you and Ganelle can start strategizing on how to get you there. Together, we'll develop a Full Spectrum Empowerment Plan that is aspirational enough that you’ll be excited to do it, and actionable that it won’t be overwhelming.

This plan is built around YOU... Your hopes, your desires, your edge... It's designed to help you reach your goals.



Once you identify out what you want and craft your plan to get there, is usually when the blockers show up.

Ganelle is not only your strategist and coach but she is also your accountability partner. You’ll have support navigating around roadblocks, stay on track, and maintain your momentum.

This is an absolute game changer designed to help accelerate your journey to success. So know where to start, where you want to end, and get there faster.

But First...

Do You Know Your "Work-Life Balance Killer"?

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