Ganelle's Story


The Quick Version


I'm a wife, a stepmom, a dirt bike rider, a Chiweenie owner, a veggie stir fry maker, a serial throw blanket folder, a fuzzy slipper wearer, a pickup truck driver, and a football fan. I laugh a lot... and am usually game for a Unicorn Dance Party.

But, that wasn't always the case.  Roughly 9 years into my 19 year IT career, I struggled with my first bout of burnout.  My roommate looked at me and said, "Ganelle, I've watched your health deteriorate over the past 6 months and I'm worried about you." Without knowing what I did to fall into burnout, I spent years struggling with overwhelm until I finally learned to break free.

Now that I've learned "balance", I'm on a relentless mission to help other women who may feel as stuck as I did.

"First, we must become brutally honest with where we are today so that we can challenge ourselves to break the cycle of cynicism and negativity.  Honest questions empower us to create a new truth for the live we want to live and success we want to achieve.  Leading with feminine intention will bring a naturally softer touch to the conversation and  show up as the present and authentic mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and Queens we truly are."

~Ganelle Elliott

The Journey To Relentless Confidence


Ganelle Elliott is an IT professional, speaker, and women's empowerment coach.  With a 19 year career in IT, Ganelle understands the unique challenges that  professional women face when attempting to balance career aspirations with creating a fulfilling home life.  

Building a successful career in a male dominated industry held its own unique challenges. The years were full of chronic stress, fleeting confidence, and crippling fears of rejection... all exacerbated by relentless need for perfection.  After being hospitalized from a spontaneous lung collapse, Ganelle needed a change.  She sought out other women who could help her navigate the jungle of burnout, but that pool of mentors was completely bare.  In 2014, she decided to educate herself on burnout and study personal development.  After 4 years of trial and error, Ganelle finally discovered how an ambitious woman could break the vicious cycle of burnout and overwhelm.   

Today, Ganelle lives burnout free with her husband and step-daughter.  She has stepped into her courage and determination, faced her inner critic, and gave herself permission to live a fulfilled life.  Now Ganelle is on a mission to help other professional women break free from burnout, step into their power, to live their most epic lives.

The Juggle Struggle Is Real

We  women have been taught that once we follow the rules, play nicely, and work hard, that we will be rewarded.  No one told us that our reward would be more responsibilities, more tasks, and more expectations. So we work harder to clear our plates and create some well deserved breathing room… but the harder we work, the more tasks, expectations, and deadlines we need to juggle. And so it goes, day in and day out -- we remain trapped in a whirlwind of unrealistic expectations of  perfection.  We put in longer hours at work to be the perfect employee  then we immediately switch to juggling the never ending responsibilities at home to be the perfect mother and wife. Friends and family perceive at us as juggling masters but we are secretly hoping that one of those balls doesn’t fall out of the air.  And so it goes, day in and day out. 

But I believe that we don't have to be Juggle Masters to task sweet success. I believe that once we conquer burnout, we can be confident and authentic leaders at work, rockstar wives and moms at home... and finally find the work-life balance that we deserve.


Mission To Serve

Ganelle is on a mission to help 100,000 professional women who are trapped in the same vicious cycle of perfection, burnout, and overwhelm to find a peaceful balance between work and home, own their outrageous dreams and Live, Lead, Love their most epic lives!

Its time to break through burnout, overwhelm, and just plain feeling “stuck”.   Understand the techniques to become “unstuck” so that you can successfully accelerate your careers, and live an unapologetic life of your dreams. 

Not Just Another Coach

Today’s woman leader needs more than just another “coach” who endorses the same outdated stress management tactics. She needs someone who understands the ambitious professional woman’s daily trap of over-juggling her career, health, and family. 

Whether you just started to experience overwhelm, if you’re experiencing full blown burnout, or if you’ve been burned out in the past and are looking to prevent it from recurring, I can show you how to conquer burnout for good and create the epic life that you deserve!

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